Ancestor Day, also known as Qingming Festival, which is on the fifth day of the fourth lunar month, is a day to remember and honour ancestors at grave sites. Qingming is also a solar term, which usually associates with constant light rain.


Different regions have different ceremonies to honour their ancestors. Usually families garter at the grave sites. Paper money, and paper replications of valuable, such as cars, phones, houses, or even servants are burnt so that the ancestors in the other world would receive them and live a conformable and wealthy afterlife.  Some family present a whole roasted pig at the grave site during the ceremony, and then have the roasted pork for dinner.


Qingming Festival was mentioned frequently in Chinese literature, such as [Qingming] from Du Mu (803–852) from Tang Dynasty:

A drizzling rain falls on the Mourning Day, The mourner's heart is breaking on this way.

Enquiring, where can a whine-house be found? A cowherd points to Apricot Flower Village in the distance.


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Ancestor Day Print

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