I was inspired by the Big Cats documentary made by BBC a while back that I decided to celebrate my love for felines on a collection of mugs. 

Each of the mugs is decorated with a hand drawing of a cat with under glaze pencils, a the name of the cat is written at the bottom of the mug. I made a few of them, including the one mug I use everyday (which is a leopard!), and sold some in a show before I decided not to take them to craft fairs anymore because I like them myself so much! 

You may also notice these mugs are the only few ceramic work that actually incorporate my drawing and painting skills. Before I discovered pottery I did a lot of drawing and painting, and pottery is my escape from the two dimensional world. Hence most of my ceramic work were not decorated by detail drawing and painting. Well, that just show how much I love cats! 

Well I guess now it’s about time to let them go to a new home where they will be loved and used everyday! If you would like to have a mug customised with your favourite felines friend, please do get in touch with me!  My email is: info@clover-lee.com
Approximately 11cm height and 8cm diameter

Item weight: around 270g
Packaging weight: about 370g

Delivery cost is calculated by weight automatically at check out.

Big Cats Mug