I have an addiction over succulent plants for years. They are known to be tender, in London however, I actually leave them outdoor from March to late November so they can get the maximum amount of sun for their beautiful vibrant colours. It is crucial for me to home them with pots that have drain holes so my succulent babies can live outdoor happily. 

These pots are perfect for repotting your succulent plants, as well as any other plants you fancy growing directly in the ceramic pot! They all have drain holes and were made with stoneware clay that fired to 1260 °C, where them became tolerant of frost over the cold months. If you fancy bringing them indoor, just put a waterproof dish underneath and they will add colours and charms in your living space!

As every piece is handmade with love and care the pattern are unique and vary from one to another. Whether this is for you to enjoy, to entertain guests or to give as a gift, it is sure to create some lasting impressions.
Approximately 7cm height and 8cm diameter 

Approximately 220g
Packaging weight is around 300g
Price is for one pot.

Delivery cost is calculated by weight automatically at check out.

Plant Pot