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I was very lucky to have been given the opportunity to take on an allotment since 2017. I did enjoy firing some pots now and then there, but it was the growing that brought me much joy. I learn to respect wildlife more, and even start to appreciate weeds. It also teaches me to observe and learn from nature, to cherish the living things from big as an oak tree, to small as tiny fungus, that had formed and shaped the world long before the existence of human beings.

The plates: I started to decorate in the classical painting way of the things that grow at my allotments: asparagus, rosemary, nigella, tromboncino squash, even lemon though it comes indoors half of the year.

The mugs: Those are mostly comment wildflowers found in the UK, which many are considered weeds.

The teapot: A classic wild flower meadow that I adore.

Wild Flower Mug

  • The mugs varies in sizes, and on average measure 6-8cm tall and 8-10cm wide. They are made with stoneware clay, and decorated with food safe glazes. They are also oven and dishwasher proof.

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