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I grow a lot of flowers on my allotment. Most of them I offer to the nature, such as bees, birds and other wildlife. I do reserve enough for a fresh vase of cut flowers every week for myself to enjoy during the season! 

Wouldn’t we all like some lovely flowers from time to time, to brighten up the day, to lighten the mood or to colour-up the space? Whether large or small, plenty or minimal, your favourite bouquet will need a vase to match up its beauty.

On top of that, vase making is a stage I believe all throwers would have gone through at some stage to advance their throwing skills. Because the making process tests your knowledge of the clay, the entering and pulling skills, and also your confident of manipulating shapes. Only when I can comfortably make a vase to the shape I want, I feel I achieved better throwing skills.

I can proudly say I grew all those flowers in the photos, except of course the artificial one. I would love to share more flower arrangement with you but sadly only a maximum 15 images are allowed!  Nevertheless I hope you find one that you like! 

As every piece is handmade with love and care the pattern are unique and vary from one to another. Whether this is for you to enjoy, to entertain guests or to give as a gift, it is sure to create some lasting impressions.
Dimension and weight are labelled on the photos of the vases individually. Packaging weight will add an extra 100g on top of its actual weight. 

Delivery cost is calculated by weight automatically at check out.


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