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About the mugs:

- The noise mugs measure around 8cm on the rim and 9cm on the base, with height between 9-12cm.

- It holds 400-500ml of liquid.

- They are made with high fired stoneware with food safe glaze (on the inside), suitable to use in dishwashers.

My idea behind the mugs:

- I found working in a ceramic studio can be very solitary. Students attended my course most likely heard me asked “what’s the gossip?” I would love to get a cuppa and sit around my students to hear about their week, but health and safety doesn’t allow open drink in the studio.

- I want to create a statement mug that could spark a conversation, and you don’t get any nosier than a nose on the mug, I think? I want the mugs to be realistic too, so instead of handles, I made dimples for the hand to rest onto. I also want to celebrate individuality, so I try blending different colours of clay together to recreate human skin tones, and glaze them minimally to allow showing of the natural texture.

The making of the mugs:

- Each of the mug start from mixing different percentage of dark and white clay together to form a 500g ball, plus a little bit more for the nose later.

- Then I whacked the ball on the wheel and throw a cylinder, and add the dimple on towards the end.

- Once the cylinders dry to leather hard, I trim and refine the base, sculpture the nose, and joint it onto the cylinder.

- The mugs then get bisque fired, then glazed, then high fired, then ta-ta! They are ready to serve a nosy cup of tea!


Nosie mug

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