I run a range of pottery classes from a two hours taster workshop, to a 12 week pottery course in my studio, offering you the opportunities to learn different aspects of pottery making.  Equipped with two wheels, a kiln and plenty of tools and materials, I hope to inspire each of you to give pottery a try, and to experience the fun in making! 

Private throwing classes can be booked seven days a week, and we can accommodate up to 2 people in the studio at a time. Time slots available are: 10am-12pm, 2-4pm, and 7-9pm.  Fee: £80 for two hours for the first person, additional participant £65 per person. All tools and materials provided, and firing is free for up to 3 pots per participant. 

We offer mobile party service, where you can hire a wheel and a tutor to throw a party at your own home stuitable for children over 6 years old.  A tutor will take one kid on the wheel at a time to help making one pot. We can accommodate 5 children per tutor per hour. Fee starts from £100 for the first hour, and £40 per extra hour.

Private Throwing Class/Party

We offer 12 weeks pottery courses for those who like to practise their skills on a more regular basis.  In a small class of 2 people, each learner will be guaranteed a wheel to throw. You will learn a wide range of pottery making starting from clay preparation, to making and glazing.

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Pottery Courses

One day throwing workshops are tailored for learners who are keen to work on the potter's wheel, who may want to get a head start on their regular pottery classes, or to prepare themselves to work independently in their own studios. Beginners will learn basic throwing techniques, while competent throwers will learn specific techniques individually tailored to their interests.


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One day Throwing Workshops

If you are a thrower looking for space to practise and don't want to commit to a pottery course, we offer flexible independent sessions where you can come to use our facility with all tools and equipment provided. 


We also offer firing service, where you can bring your ready-made work to fire. Price starts from £25 a shelf (34cm diameter and 15cm height) to £80 a kiln (45cm diameter and 65cm height), including technical support loading and unloading the kiln. 

Independent Sessions & Kiln Hire

We organise Open Studios three times a year​ to display and sell tutors' and students' work. We also run 10 minute mini workshops during the open days to let people have a go on the potter's wheel for only £10! No booking required.

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Open Studios and mini workshops

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