UPDATE: Due to Covid-19, we are running only private one off workshops, and private 4 week courses for up to TWO people from the same household.


I run a range of pottery classes from a two hours taster workshop, to a 12 week pottery course in my studio, offering you the opportunities to learn different aspects of pottery making.  Equipped with two wheels, a kiln and plenty of tools and materials, I hope to inspire each of you to give pottery a try, and to experience the fun in making! 

Private Throwing Workshop

Suitable for complete beginners, private throwing workshops are available Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 10am-12pm, 2-4pm, and 6-8pm. 


Fee: £80 for one person and £145 for two people. This includes 2 hours tuition, all tools and materials, and firing and glazing the best 3 pots per participant. 

For information about the this workshop and to book please click here. 


Pottery Courses

4 weeks pottery course is ideal for those who like to practise their skills on a more regular basis.


In a small class of 2 people, each learner will be guaranteed a wheel to throw. You will learn a wide range of pottery making starting from clay preparation, to making and glazing. 


Please note due to Covid-19, I am only taking bookings for a maximum of 2 people from the same household (or same bubble).

For information about the this workshop and to book please click here. 


Kiln Hire

We offer firing service for those of you that just need access of a kiln. The studio is equipped with a SKUTT KM827, that can fire to 1300°C. Dimension of the kiln: 45cm wide and 65cm deep. Kiln shelves are circular, 38cm diameter wide.  I regularly bis fire to 980°C (Cone 07), and glaze fire to 1260°C (Cone 7)


Full kiln hire fee £80 per firing. Shared kiln hire fee £25 per shelf space per firing (up to 15cm height). The fee includes technical support, loading and unloading the kiln. 

To book a firing or to find out more information please contact Clover: info@clover-lee.com on 07999 375759.


Wheel Rental

If you have experience in throwing and have space at home, you can rental a wheel from us to practices at home. We have two Shimpo RK55 wheels available to rent on monthly contract.

Monthly fee is £200, this includes: rental of one Shimpo RK55 wheel, an adjustable stool, a bag of clay, a basic set of tools, a plaster bat, a wooden board, a damp box, and one glazing session (1.5 hour). This does not include firing, which will be charged at £10 per kg if you bring your work back for firing. Deposit of £200 is required. 

To book a wheel or to see the full contract, please contact Clover: info@clover-lee.com.


Open Studios and mini workshops

Wimbledon Art Studios organise two Open Studios a year to show and sell artists work.

To find out about the next Wimbledon Art Fair, please visit Wimbledon Art Studios'website: 


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