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In this 4 weeks course we will explore making, refining and decorating aspect of wheel thrown pottery. It's suitable for complete beginners to experince the cycle of making, also suitable for experienced learners to try new things and to improve on specific techqniues. There are usually two people only in each class. In general you will learn making in the first two sessions, followed by refinding, then decorating in your last session.


COURSE DATE AND TIME: The course usually starts at the beggining of the month and run on a monthly basic in the following time slot:


Tuesday 1-3pm:

30 April to 21 May

4-25 June 2024


Thursday 2-4pm:

2-23 May

6-27 June


Friday 10am-12pm:

3-24 May

7-28 June



This course are available either as PRIVATE when you book two places in the same course, or SEMI-PRIVATE when you book one place (you may share the class with another person you don't know). For private booking for more than two people ( the studio can take up to 4 people), please get in touch to check prior to making the booking.



Delta House Two Studios, South Wimbledon, SW19 3EU



Each place in the course is £300

For private booking only, £775 for three people, and £855 for four people.


Cancellation policy:

Cancellation for semi private course is generally not accepted, as it is a leisure activity arranged for a specific dates and time. Please check you are able to attend the class before booking.

If you cannot attend the course you booked for, please get in touch ASAP. We will put your place back online, and if it’s taken by a new booking, you will receive a full refund. However this is not always guaranteed. The more notice you give, the higher the chance to find a new booking.

Refunds will not be provided if you did not attend the class.

Currently we do not accept cancellation of single session, even if you (or member of your group) were required isolation, due to the fee is priced over 4 sessions only.

You can add or deduct participents for the course before the first session. Extra fee is payable or partial refund will be given where appropriate.

Notice of cancellation must be made via e-mail to


Studio Rule Under Covid-19

- Please do not visit the studio if you are tested possitive and required isolation.

- Please bring your own apron and towls as we are no longer able to provide them due to the complication of sanitising fabric.

- We kindly remind everyone to keep the mask on during your visit to help protecting others.

- Please sanitise your hands before touching any surface and tools in the studio.

- No open drinks or food allowed int the studio. Bottled drinks and lidded cups are welcome.

- All tools and surface will be senitised before each class by your tutor.

- You will be allocated a work station with materials and a bucket of water for the class. Please restrict your movement around the studio as much as you can.

- We no longer recycle the class clay due to the potential complications associate with Covid-19. You will be shown how to manage and recycle your own clay by your tutor.

- You will be responsible to clean and sanitise your work station by the end of your class before leaving.


About the tutors:

Clover: started as an evening class hobby potter in 2010 and now proud owner of Clover studio in London, she is a finalist of The Great Pottery Throwdown 2017. Her works are largely influenced by traditional Chinese and Japanese culture, inspired by the interaction of nature and human to promote flow of energy and harmony. (


Please note that you will not recieve a physical proof/voucher for this booking automatically, eventhough it shows a shipping method at checkout due to the default setting. You will recieve a confirmation via email from me instead. Thank you for your understanding.

4 Weeks Pottery Course

  • Please feel free to contact Clover if you have any questions, or want to move the weekly sessions around to fit your time table: 


    07999 375759

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