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About the course:

This 10 weeks short course will take you through pottery making on the wheel from throwing, to trimming and glazing, making it perfect for anyone with little experience on the wheel.


You will be taught in a relaxing environment in a small group of 4 and you will be guaranteed a wheel to use every class and no need to share. The fee also include a new set of tools, 6kg of clay and firing of all work from that bag of clay. Extra firing is paid for by weight at £6 per 1kg of clay, right after trimming. There is no upper limit of how much clay you can use in the course.



Clover Studio 5

Delta House 2, Studio Way

South Wimbledon, London

SW19 3EU


Autumn Term Time and Date 2024:

Monday 6:30-9pm

16 September to 25 November (half term on break on 28th October)

Wednesday 12:30-3pm

18 September to 27 November (half term break on 29 October )

Wednesday 6:30-9pm

18 September to 27 November (half term break on 29 October )


Missing Session Policy:

1) It is essential to attend your first 3 sessions if you have not done pottery before, as the basic techniques will be introduced in the first 3 sessions and missing a session will result in not being able to catch up.

2) It is possible to reschedule a missing session if there is availability from other classes. You can request to reschedule a maximum of one session per course, I will try my best to accommodate.

3) Please note declining a rescheduled session or failing to turn up to your rescheduled session means your request will go back to the end of the queue, which may reduce the possibilities for further rescheduling.

4) To ensure your enjoyment of learning pottery and the smooth running of all courses, please inform me at your earliest convenience if you know you will not be able to attend any sessions with as much notice as possible, so I can offer your missing session place to someone in return to offer you a rescheduled session.

Cancellation Policy:

1) Cancellation with 10 weeks or more notice: A full refund will be provided.

2) Cancellation with less than 10 weeks notice: No refund will be provided, unless the cancelled place is taken by a new booking. If the place is replaced by a new booking, a refund of the course fee will be provided.

3) Deposit: If you have paid a deposit for the course, the deposit is non-refundable, except in cases where the cancelled place is replaced by a new booking.

4) Single Session Cancellation: We do not accept cancellations for single sessions. If you are unable to attend a session, please refer to our missing session policy.

We understand that unexpected circumstances may arise, but as our pottery course has limited availability, we rely on advance notice for cancellations to ensure that all students have a fair opportunity to participate. Thank you for your understanding.


About the tutors:

Clover: started as an evening class hobby potter in 2010 and now proud owner of Clover studio in London, she is a finalist of The Great Pottery Throwdown 2017. Her works are largely influenced by traditional Chinese and Japanese culture, inspired by the interaction of nature and human to promote flow of energy and harmony. (

10 weeks Course Pottery Introduction

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