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My collection of tableware was originally initiated from demonstration pots from various workshops and classes. They were then developed into a few ranges defined by my choice of glazes

THE BLUE - A trip to the sea: A collection of mugs, ramen bowls and large plates, tied together by the yellow, blue and green glazes combination, inspired by a trip to the seaside.

THE GREEN - Spring is here: A series of bell shaped mint green mugs with melting rim, and ramen bowls that are inspired by lotus’s leaves symbolising the beginning and end of spring.

THE PINK - Sakura and Ren: Attractive pink flowers of cherry blossom and lotus inspired me to come up with this pink glaze, and it has been one of my favourite glazes of all time.


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  • The mugs varies in sizes, and on average measure 6-8cm tall and 8-10cm wide. They are made with stoneware clay, and decorated with food safe glazes. They are also oven and dishwasher proof.

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