Inspired by Yunomi, a type of Japanese teacups, this collection will definitely add an authentic feel to your day-to-day tea drinking. Unlike the mugs we are most familiar with, Yunomi have no handle, usually smaller, and are more for casual tea drinking than Chawan (which are more for formal matcha drinking.)

Thrown on the wheel, these teacups were then trimmed to create a foot ring, known as Kodai in Japanese. Spiral carvings also added on the wall of the teacups to enhance grips. They are sold in pairs.

In Japan, teacups makes an ideal wedding present for a couple, and they usually come in a pair that one is slightly bigger than the other, in order to symbolise husband and wife. To me, I’d like to believe that the slightly differences within the pair are to celebrate the uniformity and individuality of the two people that are in love.

As every piece is handmade with love and care the pattern are unique and vary from one to another. Whether this is for you to enjoy, to entertain guests or to give as a gift, it is sure to create some lasting impressions.
Approximately 6cm height and 8cm diameter 

Approximately 480g for a pair 
Packaging weight is around 550g
Price is for a pair of teacups 

Delivery cost is calculated by weight automatically at check out.

Yunomi Teacups

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