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Introducing a New Blogger

Hi - I’m Lizi! I’m a blogger over at A Year In Dinners and I recently did my first ever pottery throwing workshop with Clover and absolutely loved it. Clover and I ended up chatting about blogging and came to the idea that it would be great to re-start this blog to give a bit of insight into everything that goes on at the studio, especially behind closed doors when the classes have finished.

Are you thinking of doing a 6 or 12-week course and not sure what to expect or whether you want to commit? Have you done a one-day workshop or taster session and wondered how glazing works or what on earth trimming is? I’m here to quiz Clover on all things pottery, observe her in the studio when the students go home, meet some of the regular students, and I’ll be becoming a student myself so I can live it all first hand - Wish me luck!

What better way to kick things off than with a quick post about the recent Craft & Beer evening at the studio. These are run once in a while at the studio and are a great chance to get together with other pottery students, makers and friends for a beer or two, have a play on the wheel, make pinch pots or just have a chat. I found it a great introduction to studio life in a really relaxed atmosphere. The lovely, chatty Glenna, one of Clover’s regular students and technicians, was on hand to help everyone and her fun nature made for a really great evening.

On the 21st-22nd September the studio will be open as part of Merton Arts Festival for people to come to see the studio and also have a look at and buy pieces by Clover and some of her students.

I’m really looking forward to learning more about the art - and I get the sense there’s plenty of science too - of ceramics and to meet new people along the way. Watch this space!

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