• Lizi

Moving in to the New Studio!

Spring is here and with it a new studio! Clover moved into her new digs in Clapham South last month and students have been loving the new space. Tucked away on Trouville Road, just ten minutes walk from Clapham South station, the new studio has a lovely, warm, rustic feel with its wicket gate entrance, bare brick walls and cobbled floor. It's a great environment that will encourage creativity and make you feel like you've stepped out of London and into a calm, rural pottery.

The layout is similar to the previous studio in that there is an area with wheels for throwing and trimming, and a separate area for glazing towards the back of the studio. The subtle difference is that the long, narrow building lends itself well to a neater, more ordered layout so that tools, glazes, and glaze samples have their own place and are even easier to find. Plus the chocolate jar is still very much accessible!