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November Meet the Student - Charlotte

Our November “Meet the Student” is Charlotte who is originally from Denmark, and has been learning pottery for over a year and a half. Charlotte was inspired to learn after watching the Great Pottery Throw Down in 2017 where Clover was a finalist. She had found herself with a bit more time on her hands after finishing work, and after her daughter’s family had moved away. After originally booking a course with a separate studio, there was a problem with their bookings so she ended up joining a 6-week course at Clover & Emilia’s studio instead.

“I like crafts in general like sewing and knitting because there is a physical output, and pottery is the same. I used to work in communications where I enjoyed making brochures, but that is all digital now.” Charlotte finds a lot of her inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest, and while she doesn’t claim to have a favourite piece or signature style as such, she mainly likes to make bowls and loves the jade green glaze. When I met her in the studio, she had with her a lovely donburi-style bowl with the jade glaze that she was really pleased with. Clover joked “Charlotte likes to find a good glazing combination and then stick with it!”

Charlotte has tended to keep most of her work rather than selling it - she commented wryly that her children steal the nicer pieces. “I worry that people wouldn’t like it, but my daughter thinks I should sell my work.” You can find examples of Charlotte’s work by searching for @ceramicsbycharlotte on Instagram.

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