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January Meet the Student - Lizi

This month I officially joined one of Clover's evening classes, so I figured I could write a "meet the student" post about myself! I grew up in Nottingham and moved to London about ten years ago where I live with my husband, Mark. Growing up I always enjoyed being creative, whether that was painting, sketching, or writing music, and as an adult I found myself drifting away from those things as a result of having a full time corporate job and life's many other commitments. Over the past year I have been making an effort to carve out more time for creativity, and learning pottery is allowing me to combine that with another passion of mine: food. I'm hoping to learn how to make pots that I can use for cooking, serving or storing food, and I'm particularly excited about the alchemy of glazing. I love the outdoors, growing vegetables, foraging for wild food, and feeling an ever more intimate connection with the changing seasons, which I have started to write about on my new blog at I imagine that the natural world and the beauty of each season will inspire my pottery - watch this space! You can find out more about me and follow my new blog at or on instagram @plotandlane

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